Expectations When Working in Studio (16/01/17)

What will be expected as my role as Producer / Artist by others?

  • The producer must be able to take a managerial role when in studio and effectively produce the session.
  • A producer must be open to new techniques and ideas recommended by the artist and studio engineers to achieve the best sound possible.
  • Others will expect me to have a working knowledge of the studio environment and be ready to make quick decisions.
  • As an artist others will expect me to be rehearsed for the session.
  • All instruments will have to be tuned and ready for playing.
  • Basic composition knowledge will be important for artists to effectively write new ideas.
  • As an artist I will be expected to be prepared for the live performance and to work well with the rest of the band.


What will be expected of other musicians?

  • I expect other musicians to work professionally in the studio environment.
  • Artists must stay on track when recording and composing songs.
  • The studio environment must be prepared for use by the engineers / potentially with help from the producer.

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