Industry Role Research (16/01/16)

Below I have begun research in to some real world examples of producers and artists to prepare for work in the recording studio.


Mark Ronson:

Mark Ronson is an example of highly successful producer as well as artist. He has produced many recording sessions for big name artists such as Bruno mars and Paul McCartney. In more recent years he has been well noticed for producing and composing ‘Uptown Special’ in collaboration with Bruno Mars. For Mark Ronson to achieve this prestigious status as a producer he has had many hard working years in the music industry not only as a producer but also as a DJ, composer and artist himself. To give himself versatile experience he has produced sessions featuring many different genres of music. This ranges from electronic music to soul. In early life before his music production days he started off as a DJ in local clubs in Downtown New York. Through this he began to make a name for himself and expanded his diverse music taste and knowledge. He then started his own production sessions as well as his own compositions soon after this.

Mark Ronson is highly successful due to his wide range of roles he has played in the music industry. As a successful producer he understands the roles and requirements in order to run recording sessions. In one article he talks about how in order to achieve the perfect sound it often takes many failed attempts and perseverance. He even claims over many recording sessions he ‘began to lose his hair’ due to the stress and hard work put in to tracks.

From the way Ronson speaks he works as a perfectionist on his work. His success comes from his aim to achieve a perfect sound, which he may or may not be satisfied with by the end result. He speaks about how his hit song ‘Uptown Funk’ was ‘OK’ although it broke the record for most streamed song in a week.


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