Piano Recording Technique Research (27/01/16)

There are multiple ways in which to record an effective piano sound. This can be done using MIDI or by mic’ing up an acoustic piano. For the most natural sound an acoustic piano is usually used. Today I will be researching the techniques used when recording acoustic piano as it will apply for our current project. After this research we will be creating demo recordings using the techniques mentioned below. I will specifically be focusing on the use of an upright piano due to this being the one we will be recording with in studio.

When recording the Piano a spacious stereo sound often wants to be achieved through the use of multiple mics. Some of the microphones can be placed above or close the the piano with the front panel often being taken off but there may also be microphones around the back nearer the bottom of the piano. By removing the panels and mic’ing up the back of the piano a clearer, balanced more natural piano sound can be heard.

The Piano we have access to today has recently been tuned and ready for recording so now is the optimal time to do so. I have found some useful sources listed on my bibliography to help with the recording process and mic placement.

Sources: https://wordpress.com/post/georgepalisterfinalunit.wordpress.com/60


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