Extended Music Project Progress (16/03/17)

Today I learn’t new skills about how to effectively use space and delay designer. I learn’t this in a one to one session with my tutor and trough experimenting with my own project.

Space Designer:

Below is an labelled image of the Space Designer plugin. It is used to design the space in which the sound is played in. Through the plugin you are able to change the wet / dry signal, bit rate of the reverb, filter, EQ, stereo spread and various other effects. I experimented with the use of the plugin on a demo vocal track. When using the appropriate reverb style with this track the vocal sounded substantially more natural and polished. I also adjusted the bit rate of the reverb and experimented with the volume envelope.

Delay Designer:

The Delay Designer can be closely used with Space Designer to create a very accurate virtual space. The white line shown on the main display is when the delay kicks in (measured in milliseconds). These are know as ‘taps’ and can be added manually or by adding them in real time. The delay generated can be transposed or have various other effects applied such as how long the sound resonates.


After learning about these techniques I applied them to our song ‘Ground’ in studio. While I was learning these techniques my group member Jack was finishing the vocal recordings in studio.

In tomorrows session we will be finishing the recording stage of the track.


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