Extend Music Project Progress (20/04/17)

From todays session the final mixing process for both songs  has begun. We aim to have the songs fully mixed and mastered using advanced techniques we have learnt at college and through our research.

We have decided to first mix the song ‘Ground’ and after this move on to mixing ‘Travel’. Todays session involved applying basic panning, EQ and some reverb to all of the tracks. Below are some examples of what was applied.


  • Panning – the example above is what was applied to the piano tracks. The left and right microphones have been panned to the far right and left and the room / back microphone to the left slightly.
  • EQ – the EQ above has been applied to some of the drum tracks for some small boosts / cuts at certain frequencies.
  • Space Designer – Space designer has been used as our chosen reverb plugin for multiple tracks. We have experimented with the parameters as well as taking ideas from the presets in the plugin.

Tomorrow we aim to have the mix for ‘Ground’ completed so that we can move on to mixing ‘Travel’.


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