Extended Music Project Progress (21/04/17)

During todays session we were able to finish the mixing process for the song ‘Ground’. As a production group we decided to keep the mix simple with the use of plugins such as a compressor, multi-band compression, bussing. If there is time further towards the end of the project we will go in to more complex mixing and mastering of the final track. Below are some examples of what mixing techniques were applied:






  • Compression – compression has been applied to multiple tracks within the song to tame frequencies and give an overall rounded sound. We decided to use the vintage VCA compressor in logic and adjusted the settings to fit either the piano, guitar or drum tracks. The desired sound was achieved through experimentation and monitoring of the frequencies in the visual graph.
  • Bussing – Multiple channels have been bussed in order to organise the project and apply plugins without using unnecessary CPU usage. The image above shows and example of bussed channel strips for the drum tracks. The same reverb settings needed to be applied to all of the tracks so they were sent to bus 7 to do so.
  • Multi-band Compression – The multi band compressor has been applied to some of the piano tracks in order to divide the frequencies on to its own sections and apply compression to each. The EQ of each band has also been adjusted to achieve the desired sound.

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