Extended Music Project (05/05/17)

Today we made the decision to re-start the mixing process for the song ‘Ground’. As a production group we were not happy with the overall sound so all plugins were removed and the faders were set to zero.

As I have taken the producer role it was my job to create the new mix. I decided to import the project in to Logic X on my laptop as I would achieve a better final mix.

To start with there faders and panning were adjusted to fit the levels of the song. This was to create a base to work around when applying plugins and bussing.







After this busses were created in order to group the Piano, vocal and guitar tracks together so that when plugins are applied minimal CPU usage and time is used.




For this project I decided to use a selection of waves and stock plugins in logic. I heavily focused on the CLA plugins for applying reverb, delay and adjusting the EQ. I also used the PuigTec EP1A and R-verb to create a professional sounding reverb and EP. Below are some images what was applied within these plugins.


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