Extended Music Project Progress (13/01/16)

This week was the beginning of the final music project. As my role as producer and artist I am required to partake in pre-production, composition, tracking and post-production. Specifically this week as a group we have been focusing on the pre-production stages. This has involved basic composition and planning of the recording sessions. Within our group we shared our ideas for songs and started composing around this.

So far we have been able to record our basic ideas in to multiple Logic tracks. We will be re-recording or adapting these recordings to achieve the highest quality possible.

Next week we will be continuing the composition and potentially tracking ideas further in to Logic.


Extended Music Project Proposal

For the extended music project, I will be taking the role mainly as a producer but also as an artist. To take on these roles I will need to effectively organise the project as well as help with the composition. To ensure success the recording sessions will need to be thoroughly planned and all roles assigned to group members. As a producer I will need to manage the recording sessions ensuring that the time in studio is utilised well. Sharing ideas / techniques with session musicians and engineers will allow for new skills to be shared helping the recording process. As I am also featuring as an artist I will need to help with the songs composition and be prepared for recording sessions as well as the live performance at the end of the year.

The purpose of this project is to gather real world experience when working in a recording studio. I will be working in a group with 4 other musicians and potentially extra session musicians. We will be working towards creating three or four well produced recordings. I will be producing these tracks as well as featuring on some of them. As a group we aim to compose 2 acoustic songs, one electronic song and potentially a cover song. I will feature as an artist on the two acoustic songs at the live performance as well as on the recorded tracks. This project is aimed at a wide audience range and no particular group of people particularly but instead anyone who enjoys the above genres of music.

My progress and experiences in studio up to this date would have prepared me with the knowledge I need to effectively produce multiple recording sessions. As previously mentioned the pre-production phase will be essential for achieving the best post-production sound. Performance sessions at college would also have armed me with further composition knowledge allowing quality material to be composed quickly.

My personal strengths on this project mainly involve production elements. This may include listening carefully to sounds played by musicians or effective use of plugins in the DAW. I am interested and would like to learn more about audio post production so this will feature heavily in my project research. I will show this evidence on my blog. I specifically will be looking at dynamic plugins such as different types of compression use of the multipressor. At the same time I would like to learn about a range of plugins that will help me prepare for my chosen pathway at university.

I will need to evidence my research and project progress throughout the coming months. The will include the pre-production, tracking and post-production stages. Nearly all of my progress will be evidenced on my blog showing in detail what was achieved during each session. Here I will show the composition stages such as new chord structures, melody design and lyric ideas. I will also show post production techniques used such as specific values in plugins and ideas contributed by the group.

My overall aim for this project is to learn new production skills while creating multiple well-crafted tracks.